EOTC - Year 8s

Part 2 of the Year 8 EOTC experience is fast approaching (week 9)!  Here is more information on the schedule for that week.  Wishing all our students, teachers and parent helpers a fantastic week of adventure!

Enrolment for 2017 school year

We are still accepting all enrolments for the 2017 school year. Our enrolment information can be found on this website, or please come into the office to pick up a prospectus. For the school's planning for next year it is important that enrolments are completed as soon as possible. These can be returned electronically, by post or to the office in person. If you would like to make an appointment to talk more about the school with the principal or a senior staff member please contact them through their details on this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Learning at Waikowhai

At Waikowhai Intermediate, we take pride in challenging our students to take ownership of their learning.  We have stepped away from the traditional teacher-led classroom, and have embraced inquiry-based learning where the students choose their journeys based on a larger concept.  Evidence of this method can be seen in the videos below

Click the pictures below to play the videos

The Real Cost of Cheap Meat

The Real Cost of Cheap Meat is a short film that room 8 student Maja Skilling entered into the Vegetarian Society Film Competition. Her talented entry came in the top 4 in New Zealand!

"I decided to enter the vegetarian society film competition because my parents have a friend who is an animal rights activist and he told me about it because I am a vegetarian and I like animals. He got me some footage of factory farms and gave me some advice on the filming because he is also a photographer. It only took a day to film, but it took a few weeks to put together."- Maja

Coming Events

5 December Y8 EOTC - Week 9
12 December Service Prize Giving
13 December Picnic Day
14 December Y8 Graduation
16 December Formal Prize Giving
16 December Last day of term