End of Term 1

School finishes for the first term this Thursday 17th April at 2pm. All buses have been booked for the earlier finish time, with the exception of the 022 bus. Parents of students who catch the 022 bus will need to make alternative arrangements for their child’s journey home on Thursday. The Onheunga bus students will catch the 1.50pm bus from school.  School recommences for term two on Monday 5th May at the normal time of 8:30am.

Staff Changes

Mr Bruce Newmark, teacher of Room 6, is retiring. He leaves us after 14 years of service to the school, where he has contributed in a significant manner to numerous activities and initiatives involving our school. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.  Mr Newmark’s replacement is Mrs Timena Muna.

Mr Joseph Assen, teacher of Room 9, is taking leave for the remainder of this year. His replacement for the next three terms is Miss Chelsea Sigley.

Wai Splash

WOW!  What an evening!

Thank you to the many whanau and friends of our school, who supported our kai, culture and community event.  The weather gods looked down upon us favourably.

Our dancers, singers and bands loved having a large audience to perform to.  Our fresh Garden to Table produce was a hit. Our staff and students thoroughly enjoyed hosting and feeding you with the diverse range of culinary fare - so many dishes to choose from and then for you to sit back and be entertained!

Thanks also go to our parents who cooked up a storm, ran stalls, and provided ingredients for our international cuisine.

We look forward to holding another event for our whanau and community again.


Liz Wood

The Wai Splash Co-ordinator

Year 8 Zoo Trip

On Wednesday 19th March and Thursday 20th March the Year8 cohort visited Auckland Zoo as part of their Environmental Science unit.It was a huge success with students exposed to expert knowledge from classroom sessions and zoo keepers. They also got a chance to explore Auckland Zoo and learn more about the different types of animals and their ecosystems. Thank you to all the parent volunteers that made this trip possible.


Beach Education

A Student's recount of Beach Education

It was the day that everyone had been waiting for. I walked into school that morning and one of my friends ran up to me. “Beach Ed was so much fun” she tells me and starts raving on about how much fun she had and how cool it was. I have to say she was spot on.

Friday the 21st of February was one of the most fun days of the year so far. We learnt so much that day about being Sunsmart, how to spot rips and even a way to save someone’s life. We had a quick tour of the club house area and a snack before we went down to the beach to complete some amazing activities. We warmed up with a few games of octopus and then my group hit the waves.

There was a rotation of three activities. The first one we did was my favourite. I paired up with my good friend and we each got a chance to try to rescue each other with a rescue tube. I went out to sea first and once far enough, I put up a hand. My friend came running through the waves to rescue me; she gave me the tube and locked it around me. It was now my turn and as I was running through the waves I felt like a real surf lifeguard trying to rescue someone. When we were back we did our second activity, Beach Flags, which is a real sport with competitions around the world. We had a couple rounds of that and then back in the water to do some boogie boarding and body surfing.

All in all I had a great day at Muriwai beach.

I. Dwivedi Rm5

Swimming Sports

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A Student's recount of Swimming Sports 2014

On Thursday 13th of February Waikowhai intermediate went to Mt Roskill Grammar School to compete against each other in a fun and interactive sport. I had been waiting for swimming sports since the holidays ended and school started. Swimming sports is about giving it a go and trying your best. When Mrs. Moir calls you up for your event you start to feel nervous and get butterflies in your tummy, and it gets worse when you step up on to the edge of the pool. Mr Ganda yells at the top of his voice, “take your marks, GO!” You dive in and start to race and all the butterflies go away. You are filled with a sensation to go fast and sprint as hard as you can to the other end of the pool. You can see your competition out the corner of your eye and that’s what pushes me to strive harder and win the race. I ended up getting my favourite coloured card, the red card with the number one on it.

S. Martin – Rm5

Coming Events

17 April End of Term1
5 May Term 2 commences